First Friday: March 1, 2013

News From the Missoula Cultural Council

The Missoula Cultural Council's Annual Arts Award Luncheon will be happening on Tuesday, March 26th, at the Doubletree from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Nominations are closed, however tickets are wide open. Come support Missoula's art leaders.

The Missoula Mendelssohn Club will be holding their 68th Annual Spring Concert. Featuring a special guest appearance from "Sky Blues" of Big Sky High School, the concert will take place at 3 pm on Saturday, March 9th at the UM Recital Hall. Tickets are only 15 dollars and are available at Worden's and Rockin Rudy's. For more information about the concert and other Mendelssohn events visit their website.

"India in Missoula" is hitting the UM Campus in March. A follow up to October's "China in Missoula" the University is partnering with the community to bring diversity to Missoula. For more information visit our Featured Events blog.

In conjunction with the event, this month's sponsors will also be offering up a taste of India...

This month's First Friday is sponsored by the fine folks at the Murhpy ~ Jubb Fine Art Gallery. Come down this First Friday for their "Connecting with India", a show featuring the Photography of R. C. Murphy as well as the Watercolors of Kendahl Jan Jubb. 


4 Ravens Gallery
248 North Higgins
"The Nature of Fractals" Digital Art by Dennis Brady

4 Ravens is a new gallery downtown, having opened in November 2012 at the corner of Higgins and Broadway. We are a collaborative of 10 partners, all local, professional artists working in a variety of mediums. Our emphasis is on fine contemporary craft. Artists include the forged metal work of Darin Wicks and the fine wood furniture of John Bowman. Other mediums represented include soda-fired and earthenware pottery, wearable fibers, photography, kiln-fired glass, traditional basketry, and stone and metal sculpture.

Our march show is "The Nature of Fractals" , by Dennis Brady. Dennis is a self-taught fractal artist with over 25 years experience with digital computer art. Although Dennis has no "formal" mathematical or art training, he is widely known for his experimental and colorful explorations of fractal patterns. His inspiration is drawn from his very eclectic views of nature along with the psychedelic scene of the 1960's. The music, personalities, and light shows of that era profoundly affected his perception of art and these fractals are the culmination of that experience.

The Artists' Shop
127 North Higgins

"Grand Canyon to Great Wall: International Sketches of the Build and Natural" 
by Megan Hanson

The Artists' Shop, gallery of local art and fine craft, NEW LOCATION at 127 N. Higgins, Missoula, presents "Grand Canyon to Great Wall: International Sketches of the Build and Natural" by Meghan Hanson. Meghan Hanson is an architect & artist from the Bitterroot Valley who has traveled with her sketchbook in over 20 countries as well as around the United States. She documents the life, landscape, and built forms of other cultures and other places through her art. She goes with a hand-bound journal, ink, pencil, watercolor & glue-sticks. Having lived out of state for 11 years after completing a bachelor of art in environmental design and a master’s in architecture from Montana State University, Meghan has recently moved back to Montana. Meghan and her sister Kathleen are the owners of Hanson Illustration, a small business focusing on technical drawings, flora & fauna, magazine illustrations, logos and marketing illustrations. Meghan is also an accredited architect and the owner of Natural Dwellings Architecture. For more information visit &

You are invited to an artist's reception on First Friday, March 1, from 5-8 pm. The show may be viewed through March (open 10-6 Mon-Fri. 10-5 Sat & Sun)

The Brink Gallery
Front Street

"The Seven Tamings of the Wild Boar" Drawings on Paper and Sculpture 
by Courtney Blazon

The Brink Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition entitled "The Seven Tamings of the Wild Board", by Courtney Blazon.

"Drawings and sculptures that burrow into the porcine trough of dependence and debasement, myth and materiality, and the lines between the divine and the disgusting." (Blazon)

Courtney Blazon is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she received a BFA in illustration. She is working as an artist and illustrator in Missoula, MT. Her work has been featured at local and regional art galleries and venues, at the Missoula Art Museum, on, as well as the Western edition of New American Paintings and Studio Visit Magazine. She was a featured artist on Google's, on the art blog My love for you is a stampede of horses, as well being featured in the online arts journal and the blog artseen. She has illustrated for Montana Lyric Opera, Shakespeare and Co., Missoula Oblongata, CutBank Literary, the Missoula Independent, Headwall magazine, Native Ideals Seed Company, and, along with various other publications. She has had been in numerous regional group shows and has had solo shows at Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR, Victrola Coffee and Art in Seattle, WA, and Dana Gallery in Missoula, MT, and most recently, at the UC Gallery at the University of Montana. She was a recipient of a 2011 Montana Arts Council Artists Innovation Award.
Please join us for a reception with the artist on Friday, March 1st, 5 - 8pm.

The Clay Studio of Missoula
1106 A Hawthorne

Clay Studio of Missoula Community Exhibition
featuring Clay Studio of Missoula members, studio artists, and students

This March, the Clay Studio of Missoula opens up its gallery space to showcase the diverse and exciting work created by our students, members, and studio artists. Open to all who have participated in the Clay Studio in 2012/13, this exhibition promises to be a great show, as well as a reminder of the strong artistic talent we have right here in our Missoula community. The exhibition will be on display at the Clay Studio of Missoula from March 1-29, 2013, with an opening reception on Friday, March 1, from 5:30-9pm.  Gallery events are free and open to the public. The images featured here are, Work by Adelheid West (bottom) & "Lusty Woman" by Janet Whaley (top).

Upcoming events: Potsketch 2013; Preview exhibition opens April 5, 2013 at The Clay Studio of Missoula. Runs through April 26; Potsketch 2013 fundraising event: April 27, 6-10pm at the UC North Ballroom at the University of Montana
The Clay Studio of Missoula is a nonprofit community center for the ceramic arts. Founded in 1998 to fill a void in the growing Missoula community, the Clay Studio offers a wide array of ceramics classes and workshops to adults and children of all skill levels; provides local ceramicists with affordable access to studio space and professional quality equipment; hosts emerging and established national and international resident artists who share their ideas, experiences, and techniques with our students; and maintains a gallery space that presents monthly exhibitions of contemporary ceramics as well as showcases ceramic artwork made by resident and community artists.

Dana Gallery
248 North Higgins

12th Annual Collector's Resale Show - February 1st – March 8th

The Dana Gallery would like to extend an invitation to our 12h Annual “Collector’s Resale” Show , continuing on Friday, March 1st. 5pm-8pm . Many pieces being offered for private bid auction will be from the Timothy Gordon Collection. Once again, Timothy Gordon - noted Missoula appraiser - will be including a broad group of rare works of art from fine estates, including a set of Watercolor paintings by Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales. This popular event, held in the form of a Silent Auction offers a Special Collections lineup of veritable “whos who” of highly recognizable names including Rudy Autio, David Shaner, Francis Senska, Walter Hook, Delbert Gish, Jay Rummel, Clyde Aspevig, Ansel Adams and many more including Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales.

Please join us for the final bidding party and closing reception of this exclusive show on February 8th.

Frontier Space
Located in the Alley Between Sean Kelley's and the Old Post

"Viewers Like You"

Featuring local heavy hitters such as Jim Todd, James Bailey, Bev Glueckert, and Elizabeth Dove. The exhibit also showcases nationwide talent from Nicole Pietrantoni, Michael Ehlbeck, Crystal Kanney, and Tracy Otten, in addition to live performances by local actors and musicians during the evening of the opening. Each exhibiting artist will have a print up for silent auction during the opening and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Montana Public Broadcasting. FrontierSpace Missoula is located in the alley between Spruce and Pine, one block west of Higgins. The opening reception for Viewers Like You will be held Friday, March 1st, from 6-9 p.m.

Missoula Art Museum
335 North Pattee Street

"Gary Horinek: The Gathering"

Visit MAM for First Fridays from 5-8 pm. MAM is no stranger to installations, and neither is exhibiting artist Gary Horinek. Horinek is a farmer who has created a bridge between the agricultural world and the art world by setting his sights on creating installations. It is important to note that farming, and a deep-seated appreciation of the land and sustenance that the land provides, is at the core of Horinek’s creative expressions. Join Horinek on a walk-through his exhibit at 7 PM to hear his stories. Always free. Thanks to the Missoulian for their support of MAM’s First Fridays.

Montana Art & Framing
709 Ronan Street

"Early Works: 1970 - 1990" by Nancy Erickson

In case you haven't had a chance to see this amazing work and collect something of Nancy's for an amazing price, the show will be up till March 29th. It includes large doll figures, soft sculptures, and colorful wall fiber art that are the foundation for her current show "Kindred Spirits " at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture. A First Friday Reception will be held from 5 - 9 pm.

Monte Dolack Gallery
139 West Front Street

"Moonlight Rainbows" a series of Paintings & Lithographs by Monte Dolack

For First Friday, the Monte Dolack Gallery will be exhibiting works from the Moonlight Rainbows series of paintings and lithographs. Music will be provided by Keith Hardin, refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome. The attached image is "Arising" acrylic on canvas mounted to panel, 20 x 22", Monte Dolack, 2013.

Murphy ~ Jubb Fine Art Gallery
210 North Higgins, Suite 300

"Connecting with India" Kendahl Jan Jubb & R. C. Murphy

Spurred on by past and present travels to India, gallery owners R. C. Murphy and Kendahl Jan Jubb will be bringing their experiences, impressions and insight of India to Missoula. Stop in this First Friday to get a look at the breathtaking photography of R. C. Murphy and the bold, vibrant watercolors of Kendahl Jan Jubb.

Voncommon Studios
139 East Main Street, Suite 316

Open Studio

Come see what projects the VonCommoners Marlo Crocifisso, Jonathon Marqui, B Jean S, and Adelaide Every have been working on lately in their studio.

                                         Other Venues

A & E Architects
222 North Higgins

"New Acrylics" by Nancy Seiler

I so enjoy the movement and spontaneity that working in fluid acrylics affords. I am inspired by colors or textures in nature and usually have just a smattering of an idea when I start to paint. I lay the canvas flat and start painting big and fast, letting the paint and water move and blend. I may tilt the canvas to create even more movement. Then, I continue to build up layers until I’m satisfied.
Creating art this way is an experiment. I never know exactly what will happen as the paint continues to move until it finally dries. When I arrive at the studio the next day, the image may be something completely different than what I expected. The freedom of painting this way gives me a much-needed balance from the structure in my day job of graphic design, and natural history illustration. 

A graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Nancy owns Seiler Design, a graphic design business which focuses on interpretive design and natural history illustration. 

She continues to explore fluid acrylics from her studio in Missoula, Montana.
Commissions accepted.

Bernice's Bakery
190 Third Street West

"Flow: Abstract Landscapes in Watercolor" by Kaitlin Switzer

I aim to make work that is alive, atmospheric, and evocative of nature. My abstract landscapes are intended to speak to one’s aesthetic connection with the natural world through the strategic use of light, color, and form. Arrangement of organic forms juxtaposed underlying geometric structure suggests environments that one could imagine encountering.

Betty's Divine
521 South Higgins

Mixed Media Paintings by Gatson

Gaston is an artist recently returned to Missoula and graduating this spring from the U of M in fine arts. His mixed media paintings are a mélange from his life experiences of living in numerous cities of the American West as well as France, where he spent the previous year. Through his works, Gaston examines the concept of nonlinear timelines in social spaces.

Butterfly Herbs
232 North Higgins

Emel Bozkurt

"My recent art work materials are etching, wood block, mono-print, silkscreen, acrylic, and paint on canvas. My background is in printmaking, painting and photography. I also have some work in wood block, mono-print and metal-gravure. I sometimes do research in a specific space; or in a platform; or in a surreal level about texture, repletion, line, and extent. Significance of figure obviously can be seen in my art works. My art’s authenticity of expression is my reality. I am feeling conflicts between figures and abstracts in description of authenticity. Being a human by flesh and bone does not mean our figure is a physical, it means that structure of figure is human art of emotional conflicts."
-Emel Bozkurt Arslan

The Dark Room of Montana
135 West Front Street

"Chaco: Where the Wind Now Whirls" by Lee Silliman

This photographic exhibit focuses upon the monumental remnants of Native America's most grand complex - the Chacoan world. Utilizing an 8x10 inch field view camera and black and white film technology, the photographer has sought to artfully interpret twelve enigmatic vestiges now protected within Chaco Cultural National Historical Park.

Downtown Dance Collective
121 West Main Street

Drawings by Carol Hoffnagle

This series of drawings combines elements of topographical maps, architectural renderings, blueprints, calligraphy, symbols — anything that I find visually interesting. My latest series of eight drawings, are exclusively from work done by a local architectural firm. Each drawing was taken from a specific place and the title from a notation somewhere on the drawing.

Draught Works
915 Toole Avenue

Live Painting by Jason Bohman PLUS VJ Performance Photography by Amber Bushnell

Music-fusion artist Jason Bohman will be painting live on stage at Draught Works this for “First Friday”! Jason moved from the Ozarks of Missouri to Missoula in 2000. He has been an artist since childhood and in 2006 at the “Love Your Mother Earth Festival” Jason discovered live, music-fusion painting. He has painted alongside many local music groups including Miller Creek, Zeppo, Dodgy Mountain Men, and Butter. His biggest influence as a painter is the abstract expressionist, Willem deKooning. Jason’s pieces unfold with many layers of colors, shapes, and textures. His work is very unique and his style reflects a blend of graffiti, street and Native American imagery.

Amber Bushnell will display a collection of prints from her live visual performances (VJing). Each print was carefully selected from a large collection of stills she has taken during her performances from the last 2.5 years. Her method of taking these stills is not random, but rather her own form of photography. She has been carefully collecting these "photographs" with the exact intention of printing them. You can discover a moment of her live performances within each print.

She describes her performances as a collaboration of the following: "the musicians and dancers I perform with, the audience, my computer, and myself. Most of my performances are not preplanned, which makes each a unique experience. I orchestrate parameters (color, movement, composition) to create the final outcome, and I allow the computer to take live audio & video feed from the musicians, the audience & other performers. I also add live drawings & text to the visuals as I see fit." To view more of Amber Bushnell's work, go to

House Design Studio

133 North Higgins

"South of Town" Acrylic Works by Rich Lande

South of which town? What's there? Is the land particularly rich? More information about this show may be coming, but if not, I recommend you go a sleuthing down to the House Design Studio this First Friday.

Liquid Planet
223 North Higgins

First Friday with CFAC (Community Food & Agriculture Coalition)

Support your local food system by trying out the new Missoula Maté, made with local honey, during the month of March. Join us on First Friday for local music, local art, and this tasty new local drink and $1 of each Maté sold will go directly to the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition! CFAC develops and strengthens Missoula County’s food system and that of the surrounding region by promoting sustainable agriculture; building regional self-reliance; assuring that all have equal access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food; and advocating for local, state and national policies that promote our local food system.

The Loft of Missoula
Main Street

"Creative Fusion" Group Art Show

The Loft of Missoula will host a group art show for March's First Friday. Featured artists include: M. Delight, Erinda S. Martin, Seth Martin, Tor Martensen, Bridget Stoltz and Xua Photezoemoe Ponzone. Working with a variety of mediums and themes, these artists are bringing a wide range of interesting and thought provoking work to the Loft. For more information and to read the artists' statements, follow the link below:

Missoula Community Access Television
500 North Higgins

MCAT Movie Club
"Good Taste Bad Taste" / "Wisconsin Project X" / "The Making of Wisconsin Project X"

The MCAT Movie Club will be meeting on First Friday and opening their doors to anyone interested in a night of horror and potential involvement in upcoming projects. True to their name, the Movie Club screens films during their meetings in the MCAT Studio Theatre. Starting things off is the 1988 featurette “Good Taste Made Bad Taste” a documentary examining acclaimed director Peter Jackson’s (Hobbit, Lord of the Rings series) first horror movie “Bad Taste.” Following Peter Jackson is Missoula’s own master of horror, Christian Ackerman with a world premiere of his new film “Wisconsin Project X” (released by Brain Damage Films). For those curious as to how Ackerman made this work “The Making of Wisconsin Project X” will be screened directly after the debut. Movie Club is a great way share your love of film with like minded Missoulians. Come down, get involved in a project, enjoy some great films and refreshment and learn how you can become more involved with MCAT and the Movie Club. All are welcome.

1900 West Broadway

"Glow Stick Dance Party" featuring music by The Whizpops!

The Whizpops are back by popular demand! This awesome band perfect for kids will perform live at Mismo. There will be music, dancing, and pure silliness! oh yeah...the GLOW STICK DANCE PARTY is back! Join us at Mismo for Fun, Flipping, and Fine Arts!

Western Montana Community Center
127 North Higgins Avenue, Suite 202

Fine Art Missoula featuring the works of Bree Sutherland

Enjoy a night of fine wine, hard cider, horderves and LGBTQQI inclusive art. Fine Art Missoula art coalition is proud to announce that the Western Montana Community Center will be hosting the 5th Fine Art Missoula showing on March 1st, 2013 from 5pm to 10pm. Enjoy the art of local LGBT activist, Bree Sutherland. All funds raised from sales / donations at Fine Art Missoula will be in turn used for a sponsorship of WMCC's Eighth Annual Black & White Ball on March 2nd. Select pieces from the art exhibit will used in the Center's Black & White Ball's silent auction. For more information about the art exhibit or about Fine Art Missoula, please contact Bree Sutherland at, or by calling 406-848-1220.

Prudential Montana Real Estate
314 North Higgins

"Love Made Visible, Meditation in Action" Oil Paintings, Gouache and Mixed Media
By Laura Way Wathen

When I was a kid I was keenly aware of both the misery as well as the beauty in the world. In my child’s mind I believed the arts could heal the world. I still believe that. Many of the works in this show were created while on a residency at Jentel Artist Residency Program and made possible by a Strategic Investment Grant from the Montana Arts Council. I cannot thank these two entities enough for their generosity and support. You can contact me at : 

Selvedge Studio
509 South Higgins

"Project Selvedge" Month Long Fashion Design Contest
Live Fashion Show of Week One's Challenge

Project Selvedge is an amateur fashion design competition. Each week designers are given a specific challenge and guidelines. They have one week to sew (all supplies are provided by Selvedge), and most Fridays at 6:30 (in March & April) we host a live fashion show and judging here at Selvedge Studio. One designer will be eliminated each week until we have a winner!

The first challenge Fashion Show – featuring 11 contestants, will be First Friday, March 1 at 6:30pm. $1 admission at the door.

517 South Higgins

Scot Herries

Upcycled will feature the art of Scot Herries and Bent, recycled objects made from license plates. Scot's newest addition to his line of license plate products are functional mirrors. Scot utilizes the back, silver side of the plate to create wonderful artistic mirrors. This is added to his already functional line of can coolers, wine racks and growler carriers.

Zoo Town Brew
121 West Broadway

"Beautiful Mess" a Photography Collection by Robert J. Allison

March’s First Friday and thru the month of March, Zoo Town Brew will showcase Robert’s “Beautiful Mess” collection. Join us from 5-8 pm on Friday to enjoy art and refreshments.

                                        Other Days

First Thursday at the University Center Gallery
February 28, 4 pm to 6 pm

"Island Projects" by Nicole Pietrantoni & Amy Sacksteder

Join the UCG for the opening reception of our latest exhibit, “Island Projects.” Nicole Pietrantoni and Amy Sacksteder focus their shared interest in the relationship between human beings and nature to create a collaborative installation which explores landscape, place, and the idea of the West.

Second Friday at the Zootown Arts Community Center
March 8, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Mixed Media Paintings by Lucas Cleaver

Lucas Cleaver's mixed media paintings are bits and pieces of creativity influenced by his environment, spontaneity and free will. His aesthetic is part Jackson Pollock and part children's book illustration. His explosive compositions are spattered with imagery derived from seemingly random shapes in colorfully splashed and poured paintings.

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