Friday, October 1, 2010

News from the Missoula Cultural Council

Don't forget to look for the printed walking guide downtown, to help you remember where all the openings are. This month, look for the BID (Business Improvement District) Bicycle-powered Information cart. It has a blue umbrella, and will be parked somewhere along Higgins, bearing the First Friday Walking Guide. Thanks BID!


Missoula Art Museum
335 North Pattee Street

Meet your friends at MAM for First Fridays from 5-8 PM. Join Michael Sarich for a gallery talk about his paintings, ceramics, and large assembled puppets which are laced with his characteristic imagery and wry social commentaries. Investigate the symbolic nature of the work, spanning imagery of Mickey Mouse, tattoos, beach balls, and cartoons as they rise above their original, intended visual and commercial appeal. Sarich will share his personal history at 6 PM. View exhibitions in six galleries, sample delicious wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages. Always free.

Montana Museum of Art & Culture
Main Hall, Room 006

On view through October 23: The Original Man: The Life and Work of Montana Architect A.J. Gibson. MMAC celebrates the legacy of the area's best-known and most beloved architect A. J. Gibson, who defined great architecture in Western Montana and Northern Idaho. Gibson designed and built private homes, grand residences and civic structures—including the first five buildings on the UM campus, the Ravalli and Missoula County courthouses and the Daly Mansion. Included are models constructed by members of the American Institute of Architects-Montana chapter, reproductions of Gibson’s architectural plans, original drawings, scrapbooks, photo albums and architectural fragments. Please join us!

Monte Dolack Gallery
139 West Front Street
(406) 549-3248

On exhibit this October are limited edition prints and lithographs by Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival featuring autumn views of Montana. Please join us at First Friday, October 1st, 2010 from 5 to 8pm at the Monte Dolack Gallery 139 West Front St. Missoula, MT (406) 549-3248

The Brink
111 West Front Street
(406) 728-5251
The Brink Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit fix yourself, by Toni Matlock. With video, sculptures, and drawings, Matlock explores the process of learning and communication. Learning is on-going. Once something is learned, it is learned and re-learned continually in different ways. There is also a question as to whether a moment of true knowledge exists. Matlock’s video entitled “you don’t hear me”, deals with communication and miscommunication, where the same language is used, but understanding is elusive. Making use of light and line, Matlock’s sculptures and drawings combine symbols and shared knowledge for a new narrative in a different place and time. Rich in thoughtfulness and simplicity, fix yourself chases moments of clarity, combining movies and sculpture to subtly scrutinize the clutches and skirmishes of memory and the mundane.

Matlock is currently a partner of Salty Snack Studio, a video production company. She has an MFA in Media Arts from the University of Montana, an MFA in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has extensive experience as an artist, instructor, and lecturer.

Frontierspace Located in the alley behind the Old Post Between Pine and Spruce

Frontierspace, Missoula's newest gallery presents Nationwide Repercussions for the month of October. Featuring artists from Detroit, Chicago, Rural Georgia, and Seattle, Nationwide Repercussions will feature work in a variety of media addressing the ideas of place and location. Frontierspace will be open Friday, October 1st from 6pm to 11pm. Frontierspace is located one block west of Higgins in the alley between Pine and Spruce. For more information please email

Clay Studio
1106 Hawthorne Street
(406) 543-0509

Folk Dreams, New Work by Phil Mahn. This will be on display October 1-November 14, 2010 with an Opening Reception: Friday, October 1, 5:30-9pm. In November, please join us for the continuation of Folk Dreams and our Artist-in-Residence Lectures Friday, November 5, 5:30-9pm, lectures begin at 7:30pm

The Artist's Shop 304 N. Higgins

The Artists' Shop show in Oct will be Marquetry by Bitterroot wood
worker, Nick Mariana. (opening on First Fri and on display all month
at the gallery.

Murphy~Jubb Fine Art
210 N. Higgins STE 300

Kendahl Jan Jubb “New Watercolors” Stan Anglen & Friends “Guitar & Vocals”

Other Venues

Frankies Mercantile
223 W. Front St.
406 543-0898

Frankie's Mercantile will host a reception for Jennifer DuToit featuring her photographs from Guatemala and New Orleans.

"The Mayan word for God is Ajaw (pronounced a-how) and it pervades the Guatemalan culture - on necklaces, bumper stickers, mirrors, windows, doors, hearts and prayers. I am not religious by any means, but I am almost jealous of these peoples' faith in the faith, especially after experiencing so much death and damage, not only to their people, but also to their land and spirits." Jennifer DuToit.

Jennifer spent two weeks in Guatemala earlier this summer through the University of Montana's Environmental Studies Program. A group of 16 students spent time in both Guatemala City, the country's capital, and outlying rural areas. They explored issues of human rights, social justice and sustainable development. Prior to Guatemala, Jennifer spent time in New Orleans capturing images as well.

Downtown Dance Collective
121 West Main
6-8 PM

“Reunion at Fire Lake” includes marbled landscapes, dance forms, and faces, as well as sculptural masks which evolved alongside marbling. Hand-marbled silk scarves and other merchandise will also be for sale at the opening reception. To marble, colors are floated on liquid, then printed in reverse. Martha Elizabeth began marbling in 1993, and before long she became entranced by watching paint struggle with surface tension, how it frayed or clumped according to its nature.

Theater Performance
Downtown Dance Collective
121 West Main
7pm to 7:30 pm SHARP!

Lost Dog Productions , a nonprofit theatre company, presents you with a very special Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Please come celebrate this momentous occasion at 7 pm sharp at the Downtown Dance Collective. Free. Ends at 7:30 so don't come late!

Computer Central
136 East Broadway,
Suite 1


Come enjoy the drawings on tin foil by Nancy Rishoff. “Tin foil is not just for cooking on anymore.” Please join us October 1, 2010 from 5:30-7:30 PM for light refreshments at Computer Central!

Brooks& Browns
Holiday Inn Parkside

Matt & Heather Holmes work out of their studio/home in Polson, MT. Matt is a 1994 graduate of the University of Montana and is currently teaching art at Polson High School. Heather grew up in Iowa and came to Montana for her love of mountains and snowboarding. Together they create oil paintings, mixed media work, and Raku fired pottery.

Butterfly Herbs

New Art-Work By Gabriel Schmitt
Gabriel Will be showing a new series of Paintings and Drawings. The body is comprised of works that utilize quick construction techniques and lo-fi aesthetics. Please stop by and visit with the artist--All friends are welcom

Slikati Photography
127 N Higgins
Suite 309

Slikati Photography invites you to view "Guise & Dowle: Photos by Tom Seiler" with a special exhibition by Lise Lalonde. Tom’s recent pictures take on finery, fluff and fur in human and non-human portraits, while Lise engages the still side in several resolute images. The photographers will be on hand to share refreshments and kiss cheeks.
For one night our studio is converted to a gallery.Follow the signs to the third floor.

“Seeds in the Streets”
Turning the Wheel Missoula

Meet at the XXX’s on North Higgins, 5:15PM

Add a twist to your First Friday! Meet Turning the Wheel facilitators at the XXX’s on North Higgins at 5:15 PM for a 20-minute warm-up. We’ll practice simple improvised group formations, like “Group Seeds” before moving through the streets. Wear solid colors if you can (blues, reds, yellows, purples, cayennes --- think Spring!). Feel free to come and go as the night progresses. We’ll end around 7PM. Visit “Turning the Wheel Missoula” on Facebook for more! For more info, call 406-830-3285 All ages welcome!

Betty's Divine
521 South Higgins Avenue


"Sweetness & Light" Posters, Stickers and Buttons by Jane Maru. Vino and yummies, too! 5-8pm

Bernice's Bakery
190 S 3rd Street West
(406) 728-1358

Bernice's Bakery presents Plasscandy, by Adelaide Every

So shiny, so colorful, and just as sweet, these new works in plexiglass by Adelaide Every are pure indulgence minus the calories. Utilizing plexiglass as her canvas, and adding pinches of acrylic, spraypaint, vinyl, and found objects, Adelaide creates tasty visual treats you won't feel guilty consuming. Contact the artist- 406-360-7452.

New West
415 N. Higgins Ave
(Alley behind the Old Post and Wordens)

This month, New West is hosting the art of WORD's Summer Arts and Leadership Camp. The camp offers homeless and at-risk children the opportunity to enjoy a safe and structured summer. The show will include art from many of the camps participants. Joshua Lisbon, camp coordinator, will be in attendance as well. Stop by between 5:00 and 8:00.

House- Contemporary Design Studio
133 N Higgins
(406) 541-6960

Barb Schwartz Karts, Original Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media Paintings

Zootown Brew
121 West Broadway

Missoula artists Teresa Garland Warner and Elizabeth Bass have painted
patrons on location at Zootown Brew. These oil paintings, as well as other
urban scenes and landscapes, will be on display beginning at 5 pm .

Yellowstone Photo 321 North Higgins

Meet photographer Anne Cruikshank and enjoy refreshments at Yellowstone Photo.
Artist statement:
"I got started in photography in high school whin I signed up for a photography class and dad gave me his of 1960's-era Minolta camera. When I was even younger, I was given a book by the illustrator Edward Gorey and his dark macabre artwork became a huge influence on my own work.

My favorite subjects for photography are cemeteries, cathedrals, and castles-but recently, I've been photographing old dolls. Many people have expressed revulsion, fear, or just "the creeps" at my dolls photos, and the dolls ARE creepy, which is fascinating to me because these dolls started out as objects of love and tenderness."
-Anne Cruikshank

Missoula Storefront Art Project announces its first storefront display. Go check it out this First Friday. Its located at 314 North Higgins Avenue, in what was previously Moose Creek Mercantile.

This project is dedicated to connecting the Missoula Art Community to Downtown property owners by way of Storefront Art and Exhibitions in vacant commercial spaces. The goal is to allow short term exhibits in empty downtown storefronts to demonstrate Missoula''s commitment to the arts, while beautifying downtown areas and allowing artists a unique canvas. It also highlights Missoula's arts and cultural organizations to celebrate their contributions to our community. This first storefront celebrates the Zootown Arts Community Center. To get involved, go here for more information.

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