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On Monday, March 29 we are having issues posting all the images to this page, but should have it resolved soon. Please check back throughout the week! :)

The First Friday MAP for handhelds (and online) is here! By March 29, this map will contain all the information you see below, and more. Now you can navigate via our printed walking guide , a postcard-sized guide to be found downtown, and find your way and read descriptions using your handheld. FREE. Make it a social event and get your friends to sign up for Streetbrew--- you'll be able to let each other know where you are, you can leave reviews and comments about the art while you're in the galleries, and it can connect to your Facebook status, as well. Click here to get a sneak peek!

Below are the listings we have received thus far. Keep checking back, because we add more events often.


Missoula Art Museum
335 North Pattee
MAM is pleased to present Kevin Red Star, a celebrated artist in our region. Red Star draws from his Crow tradition and culture for his subjects, both historical and modern. He was born in 1943 and raised on the Crow Indian Nation in Lodge Grass, Montana. His family, heritage, and abundance of visual experience serve as his palette. He conjures evocative images of his ancestral Apsáalooke (Crow Nation) – its culture, and its history.

Supported by nurturing and creative parents, Red Star was a gifted young artist. In 1962 he was invited to join the inaugural class of 150 students from 80 tribes nationwide at the Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA) in Sante Fe, NM. The founding of the IAIA was visionary. The institution hoped to offer an environment where young people from reservations across the country would gain access to state of the art resources and instruction. At the IAIA, Red Star explored the images of his own Crow people and was exposed to the visual imagery generated by artists from across the country.

Monte Dolack Gallery
139 West Front Street
Monte Dolack’s newest exhibition, Egypt; paintings of Egypt and the Nile.
Monte and Mary Beth have returned from travels abroad exploring Egypt and the Nile River Valley from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor. Visiting the tombs, temples and monuments as well as cruising and studying the lush landscapes of the Nile. They were able to observe the contrasts of change in modern Egypt alongside almost biblical scenes of farming and fishing. Working and traveling closely with their guide and Egyptologist, Tarek Fawzy, they studied the mythology and art at many of the great cultural sites in Egypt. For Monte this trip fulfilled a dream of travel to Egypt that first came alive as a young boy.

View these extraordinary paintings as the exhibition will run March 31st – May 5th ,2010 at the Monte Dolack Gallery in historic downtown Missoula, Montana. Please join us for First Friday April 2nd, 5-8 pm. Refreshments.

Visit us at the gallery or online.

139 West Front Street Call 549-3248 Open Weekdays 10-5:30 and Sat 11-5.

The Brink Gallery
111 W Front
The Brink Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit Prolonged Endeavor, by Jen Erickson. Initially, Jen Erickson’s series might appear as microscopic views of various liquids or subatomic structures, but there is much more to it. Erickson looks to theories in physics and mathematics for inspiration, attempting to create a visual reaction to her research, but instead comes up with loss. The more she learns, the more she loses, losing it faster than she can respond to it. But there is still a need to capture the data, to preserve the information, thoughts, memories, even if the result is just a substitute, a shell of what it used to be. The shell becomes a zero.

The Ceretana Gallery
801 Sherwood

Jonathan Marquis and the Ceretana Gallery present the opening of Pointing at the Moon, an exhibition of new artworks by Jonathan Marquis on March 5th and April 2nd 2010. Pointing at the moon is an exhibition of large-scale paintings (PNTGs) and installation exploring relationships between religious figures, comic book characters, and Marquis’ aesthetic language. These elements in combination engage the viewer in a visually and conceptually charged space that diminishes the dualistic separation between art and audience.

Clay Studio of Missoula
1106 Hawthorne Street
(406) 543-0509

On April 2nd, 2010 from 5:30-10 PM the Clay Studio of Missoula will host a First Friday gallery opening featuring a diverse array of works donated by local, national, and international artists for the organization’s annual POTSKETCH auction. Visitors will be able to view over sixty unique drawings and nearly twenty ceramic pieces. As an added incentive to attend the opening, visitors will be able to place preliminary bids on all POTSKETCH drawings featured that night. In fact, online bidding for the POTSKETCH drawings will actually begin on March 25th, a week prior to the gallery opening. However, those interested in bidding on the ceramic works on display will have to wait for the live auction at the organization’s April 17th POTSKETCH gala.

The Little Gallery
210 N Higgins
Suite 218
(406) 413-6807
Laura Blaker set a goal to complete 100 oil paintings in one year. Four months later, she is well on her way with more than 32 paintings ready for display. Her second installment of art consists of colorful chairs, cacti and landscapes. You can view Laura’s new work entitled, “One Hundred Paintings in a Year” at the First Friday Art Opening.

Montana Museum of Art & Culture
University of Montana
Main Hall, Room 006
Jam Session: America's Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World This photographic exhibition chronicles the international tours of legendary jazz musicians who served as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. State Department from the 1950s through the 1970s. Organized by Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C., over 80 images portray music greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Benny Carter and Sara Vaughn.

Montana Art and Framing
709 Ronan

A First Friday Gallery night at Montana Art and Framing from 5-9pm will feature pastels by Elloie Jeter, oil paintings by Teresa Garland Warner, Elene Weege, Elizabeth Bass, and Stephanie Frostad, mixed media by Nancy Erickson, photographs by Chris Autio, Peter Keefer, Lewis Kelley, and John Salisbury, sculpture by Barbara Morrison and Lisa Autio, and watercolors by Don Mundt. The gallery is located at 709 Ronan Street off of 6th and East of Russell. Call 541-7100 for more information..

Begleiter Studio,
223 W. Front St

In celebration of World Autism Day VSA presents a photography exhibit created by children and adults on the autism spectrum, along with a couple of siblings, at Begleiter Studio, 223 W. Front St, during April. Opening Reception will be Friday, April 2, 2010, 4:30-7:00 PM
The photographers received one hour of instruction with Steve Begleiter, of Begleiter Studios, and then were given one week to capture scenes of interest using 35 mm disposable cameras. The resulting juried exhibit consists of 26 photos capturing scenes and objects of interest to the individuals.
The photographs give viewers the opportunity to question perceptions about ability and disability, and to reflect on attitudes toward people with disability. We invite you to view the photographs, meet the artists, and learn a bit about communication with people who are visual thinkers.
And we invite you to become involved with VSA arts of Montana, working to create a society where people with disabilities have the opportunity to learn through the arts.

Other Venues

Computer Central
136 East Broadway
Come enjoy First Friday Artwalk with the surrealist paintings of Keith Levi in the exhibit "Structures" April 2, 2010. Please join us from 5:30 to 7:30 for light refreshments on the opening night. Visit for more information about the artist.

Betty's Divine
521 S Higgins
Marlo Crocifisso presents "His Hair Her Thighs..." a body of work which was created as a collection of images inspired by ambiguity and allure. It is also a collection of stencils mixed with paintings. Marlo has been cutting stencils and painting with spray paint on and off the streets now for five years. Recently, through mixing together stencils and paintings, her art portrays the first steps toward a colorful union of precise outlined silhouettes and simple shapes and colors, while at the same time venturing to separate the two.

Claws Salon and Spa
101 S. Higgins Ave ste. 10
Missoula, MT 59802

Come and walk with us through a Spring Garden. Claws would like to invite you all to take in Spring, A unique “walking” art display of makeup artistry, floral design, hair design, and clothing. Our models will be displaying artistry from Alchemy Mineral Blends & Makeup Artistry and Habitat Floral Studio & Event Planning.

Bernices Bakery
190 S 3rd Street West
(406) 728-1358
Kochel Guitars presents roots blues guitars at Bernices Bakery. Artist Sean Kochel builds all of his instruments from reclaimed materials from Montana. The guitars represent an American folk tradition while being steeped in Montana history. Come meet Sean at the opening reception on April 2, 5:30-8:00 Photo: Green Door Photography.

Butterfly Herbs
232 North Higgins Avenue
Missoula, MT 59802-4435
(406) 728-878
New Paintings based on themes derived from the wonders of ancient human worlds , by Shilo Emanuel Preta

Catylist Cafe
111 N Higgins Ave

Local artists Pamela Caughey and Karen Shimoda will present Journeys in Microspace. Caughey and Shimoda share a similar interest in artistic content, primarily in the abstract qualities of the patterns and minutiae of organic forms. Drawn together by a mutual admiration for each other’s work, the two artists simultaneously came up with the idea of collaborating. Thus began a new journey into the microworld and into their evolutions as individual artists.

Journeys in Microspace is a series of micro images, for example, a piece of petrified wood magnified 600 times or a tiny piece of lichen. Caughey and Shimoda created their unique interpretations for each micro image, which then became micro pairs. The only criteria for each piece in a pair was that it be a specified size and that it be monochromatic. Caughey and Shimoda then worked on their own, sharing their final work just before installing the show. The end result has surprised Caughey and Shimoda in its balance, harmony, and aesthetic consistency, and it has inspired them to begin planning their next artistic collaboration.

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